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Carina Pabisch, BSc.



Physiotherapist, Sportsphysiotherapist




Phone: +43 680 2323655

Mail: pabisch@top-physio.at

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After finishing my  studies of Physiotherapy in 2012 I started to work at the Vienna General Hospital, Department of Trauma Surgery. This gave me the opportunity to gain experience in a very interesting field of physiotherapy from the beginning on. The rehabilitation of  sports injuries, overuse syndromes or accidents is still my main field in physiotherapy. 


Continuous education to enhance my theoretical knowledge and improve my practical skills is very important to me because it gives me the chance to offer best possible and individual physiotherapy.


The  last years I did Crossfit and learned a lot about funcional training which was not only a benefit for my own lifestyle but also for my work as a physiotherapist.



2020: Manuelle Therapie nach Maitland (i.A.)
2020: Myofascial Release
2020: Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®): Mobility Specialist Certification
2019: Faszienyoga
2018: FOI (Funktionelle Orthonomie und Integration)
2017: OS Coach (Orthopädie und Sportmedizin, Freiburg/ Deutschland)
2015-2017: Sportphysiotherapie (spt Salzburg, ULSZ Rif)
2014-2019: Manuelle Therapie Einzelmodule (IAOM – International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine): u.a. Schulter, Knie, Bandscheibe, “Leistenschmerz bei Sportlern”, “Lateral Ankle Sprain
2013: Triggerpunkt Therapie IMTT®



Family & Friends, Photography, Travelling, Music


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