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Kamil Marczynski

Physiotherapist, Sportsphysiotherapist




Phone: 0676 70 137 62

Mail: marczynski@top-physio.at


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(In my opinion) Sport and exercise form an optimal basis for a healthy life, which I value since my early childhood. This passion consists in one hand of participating in competitive sport and on the other hand of my infinite interest in the functionality of the human body.


Due to a severe athletic injury I came in touch with physiotherapy for the first time. Thereby I realized how important a competent rehabilitation is for the successful comeback in the social as well as the sportive life.




2008 Graduated from the Academy of Physical Therapy at the Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital
unitl 2009 Rehabilitation center Kienbacher
since 2009

Hospital of the barmherzigen Schwestern, Vienna -

Intensive care unit, cardiac monitoring and orthopedics


Start of freelance work with specialization:

Orthopedics, sports physical therapy, fascia treatment


Additional Training

  • Manual therapy according to Mulligan A + B
  • ESP Sporthphysiotherapie
  • Hospital Internal training:
  • fascia treatment, rehabilitation shoulder, cervical spine rehabilitation, therapy master


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