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Margit Gangel




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Physiotherapy is my passion, and I have the goal to restore or improve the quality of life of each patient, both while practicing sports and in their everyday life!


Fun at work, expert knowledge, continuous training and social skills (individual interaction with each patient) are very important to me. Moreover, active cooperation with colleagues and other professionals are basic elements for me in providing a successful therapy and to ensure an optimal healing process!


I have been a professional athlete for twenty-five years and have always been interested in sports. This, as well as many years of professional experience and further education, has greatly influenced my work. Thanks to my experience, I can pass on a wide range of knowledge to my patients and treat them in the best possible way!


My podiatric training is a great addition to my professional education, and offers a promising treatment for medical conditions in the field of orthopedaedics and sports medicine.


I promised myself not only to treat symptoms, but to find the cause for every patient’s problem and eliminate it as much as possible!





Born in 1969 in Vienna


Married, one daughter


25-years as a professional athlete (handball)



Education and work experience:


  • 1987 AHS Matura (Austrian school-leaving certificate) in Vienna
  • 1990 Graduation with distinction as a physiotherapist
  • 1990-2007 Hanusch Hospital Vienna, Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Since 2005 Freelance work
  • 2005-2013 VSMC, Vienna
  • Since 2013 TOP-PHYSIO, Vienna
  • Since 2008 coaching and supervision of the strength training for high potential youth Handball athletes, WHV


Training and Qualifications:


  • Podiatric therapy and orthotic insoles
  • FDM: Fascial Distorsion Model by Typaldos
  • IAOM: Manual Therapy and Diagnostics Cyriax
  • OMT: Manual Therapy Kaltenborn / Evjenth
  • RTUS: Realtime-Ultrasound
  • Myofascial Triggerpoint-Therapy
  • BOBATH: Neurological treatment concept
  • MS education
  • Kinesiotaping-therapy
  • Tapeing course: functional taping
  • SportphysioESP: Spine Rehabilitation & Knee rehabilitation
  • Low Back Pain: Cross-Concept diagnosis and back pain treatment
  • Postural therapy in the context of sensorimotor training
  • Theraband-course
  • Brunkow-concept
  • Viszeral Therapy: – digestiv tract/spine; – genitourinary tract/spine and hip
  • Participation in various conferences and workshops




  • Physio-Austria
  • IAOM (International Academy for Orthopaedic Medicine)

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