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Brigitte Czachay






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I have been working for many years in the most fulfilling and challenging profession I can imagine.

I feel lucky to be working as a physiotherapist!


Education and Training:

2013-present Academic training in osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy
2005-present Workshops in manual therapy (IAOM)
2011-2012 training in the fascial-distorsion-model – Typaldos Method (FDM)

Training in urology and gynecology

Training to instruct prenatal classes (Menne–Heller method)


Training in myofascial lines (Myofasziale Bahnen – S. Bacha)

Training on therapy of the temporomandibular joint (Frans Van den Berg) since then regular treatment of patients with craniomandibular dysfunction

2008-2010 Training in manual therapy (Sohier)
2006-2007 Training in podotherapy
2002-2005 Degree in physiotherapy (3-year program), AKH Vienna



Work Experience:

Since 2006, I have been self-employed and at the same time working part-time at a private clinic in Josefstadt, Vienna (Privatklinik Josefstadt).


Since I am working as a podotherapist, I have gained great knowledge over the years and worked with numerous runners and soccer players (both professionals and amateur athletes).


Since 2009, I have been treating patients with impairments of the temporomandibular joint.


Throughout my career, I have also been working with patients suffering from neck problems, breathing problems, lower back pain and problems with the thoracic spine.


Being a passionate climber, I have been treating impairments typical for climbers, such as shoulder impingement, pulley injuries and neck injuries.


Another speciality of mine is the treatment of musicians. I am centering burdened joints. We work on posture in general and specifically on the musician’s posture while playing the instrument.




1980 born in Haag, Lower Austria; grew up on my parents’ farm
2000 A-levels, Linz, Upper Austria
2000/2001 travelled through Australia and South East Asia for one year
2001/2002 studied Geography and Spanish at the University of Vienna
2002-2005 studied Physiotherapy, AKH, Vienna
2005/2006 travelled for half a year through South East Asia and Spain
seit Mai 2006 happy to work as a physiotherapist


I love to spend my spare time with my family – my husband and I have two girls who make us happy. I also practice yoga and love all kinds of sports. I am passionate about mountaineering – you can find me climbing in summertime and back country skiing in wintertime. If there is any time left, I focus on reading and languages.

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