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fascial therapy

FDM (The Fascial Distorsion Model)


What are Fasciae?


Fasciae build the framework of the human body. They can be compared to packaging material -  enwrapping muscles, muscle bundles, muscle groups, bones or organs. Fasciae also keep organs in place.


What is FDM?


Damaged fasciae can cause pain and restrict mobility. When using FDM, a physiotherapist figures out which fascia is transformed or distorted and aims to correct the impairment.



What is FDM diagnosis?


Most important for the FDM diagnosis is the patient’s description of pain: the type of pain, the symptoms and the localization of pain are important. Additionally, X-rays are a helpful supplement for the FDM diagnosis.



What is FDM therapy?


For example, a contorted trigger band is disentangled by applying firm pressure along the band. FDM manipulation is also used on compressed joints.
Whether FDM therapy is painful or not, depends on the affected fasciae. If the fascia on the surface is impaired, it is treated with pressure, but that does not cause pain.

After the FDM therapy, training is crucial for a long-lasting result.

Successful FDM therapy has an immediate positive effect on the impairment.


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