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Julia Habitzl, M.App.Sc.

Master of Musculoskeletal&Sportsphysiotherapy


Physiotherapist, Manual- & Sports-Physiotherapist



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Because of having been an elite volleyball player (Austrian Premier League), I got to know physiotherapy fairly early. It’s ability to quickly treat acute and overuse injuries – without any medications – has fascinated me ever since.


After my undergraduate degree at the AKH Wien (2006) I started working in traumatologic and geriatric departments. Thus I gained extensive experience in the therapy of joint injuries and the rehabilitation of chronic pain and post-surgery recovery.


I’ve always believed that the balance of manual therapy (I’m treating you with my hands) and exercise therapy (you are doing exercises specially designed for you) is the most effective ways for a quick and longstanding recovery.


In order to enhance those skills, I moved to Adelaide, Australia where I continued my studies at the University of South Australia. Their Master program for musculoskeletal & sportsphysiotherapy is amongst the world’s most renowned in this field.  During this pgrogram, I also worked as a physiotherapist for an Australian Rules Football team.


The combination of ‘hands on’ treatment and exercise therapy has helped my clients since then.

Continuous professional development courses (both nationally and internationally) allow me to base my treatment on scientific evidence and a broad clinical experience. Thus I can treat even complex and longstanding disorders in a quick and effective manner.



Education and professional development courses


  • 2010 Master of Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy, University of South Australia, Adelaide
  • 2006 Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, AKH-Vienna


  • further training:
  • Realtime-ultrasound courses (Australia, Germany)
  • Fascial-distortion-model (FDM) Typaldos 2012
  • Non-operative orthopaedic medicine and manual therapy at the International Organisation of Orthopaedic Medicine (IAOM),  Vienna
  • Kinesiotaping, Vienna


Professional experience


  • Self-employed since 2008
  • Employed in UKH-Meidling and Otto-Wagner-Spital 2007-2009
  • ÖFB – youth national soccer-teams 2012-2013
  • GAZA, Adelaide – Australian Rules Football club 2010
  • ÖHB- youth national handball-teams 2007-2009
  • TELE 2 Wien – Women’s Volleyball club (Austrian Premier League)
  • Personal experience in elite sports (Austrian Premier League Volleyball)

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