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Podotherapy is a therapy of regulation.


Deformity or wrong load distribution on the feet can cause problems in the musculosceletal system. Muscular imbalance or other physical problems in the locomotor system can be manifested in our feet.



How does Podotherapy work?


In Podotherapy, the patient is first thoroughly examined. Deviation in posture, muscle tonus, and aberration from the axes of the body (especially of the lower extremities) are taken into account. Then, an analysis of the dynamic system follows.

The result of the examination is an individually adjusted insole. Thanks to this insole, specific muscles/ muscle chains are activated, while in some cases others are inhibited. The patient is therefore wearing his individual training device in his shoe.

In order to achieve good results, the insole has to be controlled on a regular basis. Once a satisfactory result is achieved, the insole is checked on once a year.
For exercise purposes, we adjust an insole that facilitates effortless heel–toe walking.


When can Podotherapy help?


Podotherapy can alleviate foot deformity and symptoms of foot problems.

Foot problems are often causing problems in other parts of the body. Thus, podotherapy can improve the cause of a variety of physical impairments.

Possible diagnosis for a podotherapeutic intervention could be:
Hallux valgus, flat foot, spread foot, pes equinus, pes cavus, pain in the Achilles tendon, compartment syndrome, groin pain, low back pain, torticollis, neck pain, jaw pain etc.



What is the difference between a podotherapeutic insole and an orthopedic arch support?


The elements of the proprioceptive insole make our muscle chains contract or relax actively whereas an orthopaedic arch support supports the arch of the foot passively.



What does Podotherapy cost?


Podotherapy, unfortunately, is not covered by the Austrian Public Health Insurance at the moment.

Examination and adaptation of the insoles cost 175 euros, including a first control after three or four months.
The insole is fabricated by a specialist shoemaker and costs 95 -105 euros.



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