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Angelika Pree, BSc.






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My motivation to become a physiotherapist stems from my interest in the human body and muscle movement. Since graduating from university, my fascination of the human body as a complex system, as well as the curiosity of understanding this system, has continued to rise.


Any new input I gain through periodic trainings and seminars is always incorporated within my therapies. For me, it´s important to work together with the patient in order to reach their individual goals through both active and passive methods.



Training and Qualifications

since 2018 Sportsphysiotherapy
2017 Real time ultrasound
2017 Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) by Stephen Typaldos part 2 & 3
2016-2017 Myofascial Integration part 1 & 2
2013-2015 Local stabilization of joints part 1 -3
2013-2015 Non-operative orthopedic medicine and manual therapy at the International Organization of Orthopaedic Medicine (IAOM)
2012-2013 Triggerpoint therapy IMTT® part 1 & 2
2012 Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) by Stephen Typaldos part 1
2008-2011 Bachelor´s degree in physiotherapy at the University of Applied Sciences of Vienna FH Campus Wien
2007-2008 Studied Social Economics and Law at Johannes Kepler University of Linz
2007 High school diploma at Europagymnasium Auhof/ Linz


Education and work experience

since 2017 Freelancer at Top-Physio

S.P.O.R.T. Physikalisches Institut

2011-2012 Rehab Zentrum Gänserndorf
since 2018 Physiotherapist of the Austrian volleyball national team men
2015 -2016 Physiotherapist of the Ultimate Frisbee national women’s team at the European Championship 2015 and the World Championship 2016
2014 Physiotherapist of the Ultimate Frisbee national teams U17 (European Championship) & U20 (World Championship)



Born and raised in Linz/ Upper Austria


Hobbies: sports (Ultimate Frisbee, running, hiking), reading good books, cooking, travelling

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