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Matthias Kapl, BSc.


Physiotherapist, Sportsphysiotherapist



Phone: 0664 431 16 26

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Physiotherapy for me is the combination of two of my biggest passions – sports and medicine.


The interest in anatomy and biomechanics already started at an early age due to the subject Sportsscience which I had studied in school, and got even more intensified due to my certification as a fitness instructor. All this led me to the decision of studying physiotherapy.

Because of my experiences in elite sports, as an active athlete as well as a physio on the sideline, and my interest in various sports, I am able to offer you a wide range of different training- and therapy options.


The combination of my passions and the daily challenge of achieving the individual goal of each patient sparks joy in me every single day. This keeps me motivated to steadily improve my theoretical and scientific knowledge, as well as my manual techniques, in order to provide you, as my patient, an individual and creative approach to physiotherapy based on the latest research. Through all this I would love to help you achieving your personal goals and being able to return to activity in the fastest way possible.







Education and Certificates:


since 2022: Master’s course: MSC in Sports Physiotherapy (ongoing)
2019-2021: Sportsphysiotherapy
2018-2019: Maitland Level I
2018: ESP Spine Rehab
2018: Osteopathy in Sports
2016-2018: FDM Fascia Distorsion Model Module 1-3
2017: Vitality Flossing
2015: “theraclimb” climbing as a therapy
2013-2016: Study of Physiotherapy – FH Campus Wien
2011: Certification as Fitness Instructor






since 2019:

self-employed – Top-Physio

since 2020: Training- and Competitionphysio – ÖVV Austrian Volleyball National Team Men Seniors
2017-2921: Training- and Competitionphysio – Wiener Sportclub
2017-2019: Physio – Sanatorium Hera
2018: Competitionphysio – BeachMajors Vienna
2017: Competitionphysio – Beach Volleyball – Worldchampionships


Personal Info


Born: 1994 in Linz


Sports: Bouldering, Fitness, Skitouring and Freeskiing – even more if combined with travelling


Motto: „The one who wants to reach the spring has to swim against the stream.“ (Hermann Hesse)



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