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Musculoskeletal problems (problems associated with bones, joints, muscles, or tendons) such as back pain are the leading cause of work absence in our society.

For the self-employed, such health risks can equate to financial risk as well.

Primary and secondary prevention in terms of specific exercises can prevent new health problems as well as counteract relapses during pain free intervals.


Contents & Sequence:

Therapy session 1:

  • Analysis of current health status, anamnesis, determination of the main problem
  • „Body Screening“ via complex functional locomotions; e.g. Overhead Lunge, Balance Test, etc.)
  • 2-3 resulting exercises to work on identified & located deficits in order to improve the central issue. Examples are:
    • Self-mobilization of the spine
    • Flexibility training for joints like hip or shoulder
    • Strengthening of the core muscles

Therapy session 2:

  • Monitoring the success of exercises & actions learned in session 1
  • Continued individual support in dealing with the main problem while averting other possible or impending problems. Examples are:
    • Strategies for coping with recurring knee pain during long distance walks
    • Preventive exercises for the spine in case of according problems within the medical history.
    • Sport-specific support to increase resilience (e.g. tailored exercises to prepare for high loads in activities with frequent “Stop and Go” movements or jumping)

Therapy session 3:

  • Final check and re-evaluation via “Body Screening”
  • Extension of the exercise program:
    • More concepts for strengthening, mobilization and balance training
    • Instructions for self-treatment of muscular pain in case of relapses
  • Summary & last check of the acquired exercises and assembly of an individual prevention program
  • Final discussions


Charges and duration of the program:

  • One 60-minute-session (100€) and two 45-minute-sessions (75€ each) result in a total price of 250€. 
  • Your three therapeutic sessions are scheduled with an interval of 3-4 weeks, resulting in a 6-8 week-duration of the whole program.
  • After completion of all three sessions you have the possibility to submit your invoice (together with the “Gesundheitshunderter” application form) to the SVA (social insurance carrier for the self-employed), enabling you to receive a 100€ refund for preventive services.



More information regarding the ‘(Extra)-Gesundheitshunderter‘ can be obtained from our physiotherapists as well as at the homepage of the SVA – ‘Gesundheitshunderter‘.

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