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Angelika Huemer-Toff, M.Sc.

Master of Science in Physiotherapy





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The ability to walk or touch and the possibility to pursue one’s hobbies are all based on movement. An essential part of neurorehabilitation is motor learning. How can I discover my abilities and skills or how can I regain them?


Among these are perception, memory and action – to which I have dedicated my professional passion.


My innumerable voyages of discovery (education and training) in the world of neurorehabilitation have enabled me to help patients reach their goal in various ways (Perfetti, PNF, Pfaffenroth and Bobath).


Another important part of my work is the supervision and successful treatment of runners suffering from chronic as well as acute pain.


Particularly during the intensive training for a competition or the enormous mileage during a long distance race, „runner’s knees“ sometimes fail to cope with the pressure that is demanded and start to ache.


FDM and a combination of motor re-education to recover motor functionality together with a focused training plan guarantee effective treatment.








2010 Master of Science (focus on motor learning and pain), Applied Science Campus in Wien
1992 Physiotherapist qualification, State Hospital Klagenfurt

Secondary school leaving certificate, vocational high school (HBLA) for economic professions in St.Veit/Glan





2014/15 Diploma degree programme in sports nutrition science, Akademie für Sport und Management (AFSM)
2014 Training in the area of high-performance sport, FDM Academy
2013 Balance Rehabilitation according to Anne Shumway-Cook and Marjorie H.Woollacott
2013 Fascial Distortion Model according to S. Typaldos, FDM Academy
2011-2013 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Training
2008-2010 Master course for Science and Research
2003-2004 Pfaffenroth
2002-2003 Analytical Biomechanics according to Sohier (manual-concept)
2001 Advanced course in the treatment of adults with hemiparesis (Bobath Course)
2000 Autogenic Drainage according to J. Chevallier
1999 Diagnosis and treatment of adults with hemiparesis (Bobath Foundation Course)
1995 Perception training and development in the case of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and hemiplegia
1994 Cognitive Therapeutic Exercises according to Perfetti in the treatment of patients with hemiplegia
1993-1996 Functional Kinesioglogy according to Klein-Vogelbach


Work Experience


2009- Lecturing at national and international conferences (Liver Transplantation Conference in Bad Loipersdorf 2000; International Conference for Infantile Cerebral Palsy in Laibach 2010)
2000- Physiotherapeutic supervision of the ultramarathon national team at national and international competitions as well as supervision of training during competition preparation

Lecturer at the Academy and Applied Science Campus Vienna, in the field of  physiotherapy, Department of Neurology

1993-2003 Vienna General Hospital (AKH-Wien), intensive care unit (trauma, neurosurgery, liver, thoracic organ, heart and lung transplant surgery)

Haus der Barmherzigkeit Hospital, field of neurology and geriatrics




Toff, Anglika (2013). Lümmeln? Nein, danke! Akademiker Verlag (Reihe Naturwissenschaften).


About Me


My Motto: “Who dares wins”
Favourite Auther and Book: John Irving, “The fourth Hand”
Sports: ultramarathon, ski tours, competition dancing
Family: three sons, two dogs

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