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Magdalena Mair





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Motion, in general, is one of the most important elements of our daily life. As a physiotherapist I am trying to support people with restricted possibilities to move and act, in order to regain this capability.


From an early age on I tried various types of sports and movement, so I was able to acquire a good awareness of my body and its functions. The passion for movement and the desire to work with other people led to my decision to become a physiotherapist.

The aim of my work is to assist people in a holistic and sustainable way, movement and exercise shall be enjoyable again.


To increase my knowledge and to improve my practical skills in different domains of physiotherapy, further education and interdisciplinary communication are indispensable to me.



Education & further training:


2021: Feet therapy in paediatrics
2019-2021: ESP Sportphysiotherapy
2019: Realtime-Ultrasound
2017-2019: FOI Funktionelle Orthonomie und Integration, Level 1 – 3
2016: Mulligan Level 1 + 2
2014-2015: Triggerpoint-Therapy IMTT Level 1 + 2
2013: FDM Typaldos Method Level 1
2012: Taping (classic and Kinesiotaping)
2009-2012: Degree in Physiotherapy, Steyr (Upper Austria)


professional experience


since 2020:

Physiotherapist of the Women Under 17 Football National Team (ÖFB)

since 2019:

Free-lancing at Top-Physio, Vienna


Physiotherapist at Department for Orthopedic Surgery, AKH Vienna



About me


Born and raised in Upper Austria I tried out different types of sports (dancing, running, Volleyball, Tennis) at an early age until I started playing soccer, which is still my favourite sport.


Apart from that, I love traveling, music (i.e. singing) and I try to spend most of my spare time with my family and friends.


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