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Tobias Feuchter, BSc.







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I have been an enthusiastic physiotherapist since 2021. Exercise and sports have always been an important part of my life. During my work as a paramedic, as part of my community service, I decided to become a physiotherapist. This profession combines what is most important to me: working with people, the joy of sport and medicine.


I support my patients with sustainable, science-based interventions and place particular emphasis in my therapy on responding to each person individually and accompanying them on the way to their goals in the best possible way.



Education and training:

Since 2022:

Master’s Programme Training and Sports Sciences at the FH Wiener Neustadt


Bachelor studies in physiotherapy at FH Campus Wien


Training as a paramedic with the Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) Austria


State-certified sports instructor


References and professional experience

Since 05/2024:

Self-employed physiotherapist at Top-Physio

Since 2024:

Physiotherapist of the First Vienna Football-Club 1894 women’s team (Admiral Women’s Bundesliga)

Since 02/2023:

Self-employed as a physiotherapist

2022: Physiotherapist of the FCJ-Alt Ottakring
2021-2022: Physiotherapist at the institute of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the nursing home Baumgarten


Personal details:

Born in Vienna in 1998

Hobbies: Sports, traveling, spending time with friends and family

Sports: Ball sports (especially soccer), skiing



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