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David Fellner, BSc.








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Sports and exercise have always been a very important part in my life. For more than 20 years playing soccer made a major part of it, also at a competitive sports level. Already back then during my active soccer career I not only learned a lot about the human body and its functional unit but also gained a good understanding of how important and valuable it is to deal effectively with challenging situations.


My active approach in life as well as my interest in the human body and its complex functioning finally led me to physiotherapy. I strive for continuous development in order to grow with respect to my therapeutic thinking and approach. In addition to my osteopathic studies I put a strong focus especially in the area of sportphysiotherapy.


During therapy, I attach great importance to responding to the individual needs and goals of my patients. I like to provide motivating support and offer solution strategies in order to work actively together on sustainable change. For me this is what builds the basis for a successful therapy and thus the return to the usual activity level or the return to sport.






Education and Certificates:


since 2018: Student at the International Academy of Osteopathy

Online training / seminars on the following topics:
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), cervical spine: assessment of motor control and training the neck muscles, lumbopelvic control – assess and improve, return-to-soccer, return-to-activity algorithm – the RTAA in competitive soccer, rehabilitation of multiligament injuries in the knee joint


Blood Flow Restriction Training


Training as OS COACH- Prehab, Rehab and Athletic at the OS INSTITUT – Movement for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

2015-2018: Study of physiotherapy at the University of Applied Sciences of Vienna



professional experience:

since 2021:

Self-employed, Freelance work group practice Top-Physio

since 2021:

Self-employed, Freelance work „Medizin am Leithaberg“ in Hornstein

since 2018: Training- and Competitionphysio – Wiener Sportclub

Self-Employed, Freelance work at Mobile-Physiotherapie.Wien




Born 1988 in Vienna

City: Vienna

Hobbies: traveling, reading, playing the guitar

Sports: Surfing, bouldering/climbing, playing spike ball, playing soccer, playing tennis, hiking



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